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Ubuntu 1604 LTS x86-64 Server TOFFEE-SoftServer

Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 26-May-2017


Server Specs
OS/DistroUbuntu 1604 LTS x86-64 Server
VM PlatformOracle VM VirtualBox
GUIInstalled (xfce4)
GCC CompilerInstalled
Default user(s)master (password: welcome)
admin (password: welcome)
LAMPInstalled (default mysql root password: welcome)
Php Version7.0.x
VBoxGuestAdditionsInstalled (for max VM screen-size)
Misc. AppsBluefish (lightweight IDE), Vim, etc

DOWNLOAD [1.2 GB]Ubuntu 1604 LTS x86-64 Server TOFFEE-SoftServer v1.2

To Install: Download the tar-ball and extract the same in your desired location. In the VirtualBox select Machine->Add and select the .vbox file in the VM folder (extracted tar-ball).

NOTE: Before you boot into the same, adjust the VM's CPU cores (and RAM) according to your host system's hardware capabilities/specs. Optionally you can also set multiple LAN ports for each specific purpose.

Screenshot(s): Screenshot  Ubuntu 1604 LTS x86-64 Server TOFFEE-SoftServer

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